Where do I begin?. To start ypu mush make sure to follow this steps of Pre Launch:

Step 1: Define the name you will give to the program and the domain.

The chosen name should generate a sense of belonging among your collaborators. To enhance your creativity, we give you some examples that will inspire you, here.

With the name of the program defined, confirm the name of the domain, for example: www.programname.com. We will validate your availability. If available, you will be asked for approval to advance with the purchase of the domain.  

Step 2: Determine the design of your platform.

It is key to have a design that is consistent with the culture of your company. Completing the Brand Questionnaire to guide the design team:

Have the following graphic resources at hand:

  • Brand manual (use of fonts, logos, images, icons, colors, etc.)

  • Brand colors in RGB

  • Your company logos, images and authorized icons (in high resolution, editable curves)

To customize your platform, you can upload a logo, which may be the company's logo or one created for the program, which must have 44px of height maximum. You also have to choose an image for your login page, which it must have 638 x 768 px and it is recommended to leave a margin of 130px without text at the bottom of it.

Step 3: What content will your platform have?

Before starting to dump information to the platform, we advise you to create a Content Map that will allow you to be consistent with the objectives and lines of action that you have set. 

Previously, it is essential that you know what kind of spaces you can create, and the privacy and interaction permissions that you can configure. Read this article how to create a space.

Step 4: Make your database.

Although the only mandatory data to load users to the platform is the e-mail, we advise you to add as much data as possible.

Download the template to complete with the information of your users.

#GOtip: In the article Manage Users validates the formats required for fields such as phones, dates, among others.

Step 5: Download the suggested checklist and timeline.

This will allow you to plan and follow up on the entire process of setting up and launching the program. By determining your objectives and the time that all the actions will take you will be able to achieve the goal of all your goals. 

Access the Checklist and Schedule models.

Have you already defined all the previous points? Check our next article and bring your platform to life:

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