To register or update the users of the platform in a massive way it is necessary to do it in a file with CSV format.

If you download the template, you can work with different programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Open Office. Here we indicate the step by step of each one:

Microsoft Office

First thing to do is to separate the data in the same cell in columns:

Step 1: Go to Data tab and click "Text in columns"

Step 2:


  • File type: Delimited

  • Separated: by commas. You will see a preview of how the file will be 

  • Format of the data: Text

Here you have to select all the data in the preview and press "Finish", as we show you below:

Once these steps are completed you will have the data separated into columns to begin to dump the information.

Google Sheets

Step 1: Import the file

On a blank page, click on File > Import and select the template that you have downloaded / that we provide in this article.

Step 2: Define the parameters


  • Import action: create a new spreadsheet

  • Separate by character: commas.

Open Office

To import the CSV template to a free version, the steps are.

Step 1: Import the file

Go to File and choose the Open option.

Step 2: Define the parameters

Once you open the dialog to import text you must use UTF-8 for the Character set. The data must be separated by commas and in "Other options" you must select all the fields and choose "quoted field as text".

In all the versions, once you have loaded all the data, you must save the file as CSV format (delimited by commas).

Ready! Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to dump all the information into the file.

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