In your Admin Panel, at the Person module, enter to the Manage People link.

A window will open with the user's data ready to complete. The mandatory fields are:

  • Name

  • Last name

  • Identification Data: (E-mail, type and document number or employee ID)

*The identification data can be one of these options and we recommend using the corporative e-mail

By selecting the option "Send Invitation" you can send an e-mail inviting the recipient to register on the platform.

If you want to complete more data, you can expand the window by clicking on More.

Job Title

In case you have forgotten to create the job titles before uploading, you can create them while you are completing the data. When you display the hierarchical level and charge fields, the option + Create New appears.

Once you have completed all the data you want, click on Add and the user will be registered on the platform.

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