To add several users in one time, use our Massive Importation feature.
Get into Admin Panel > People > Admin People and follow the steps below:  

1. Download Template 

Click in "Import with CSV" link and choose "Add" option. Then, click in "Download template" to get the model and complete it with user's data.

#GOtip: The form is in CSV format, enter here to know how to work with CSV file.

2. Complete the template with user's data

Complete the spreadsheet with people's information! Mandatory fields are name (first_name), surname (last_name) and at least one of the validation data:

  • Email,

  • Document type and number,

  • or Employee ID.

Note: There are a few considetarions to complete CSV file. Visit the next article to see the right way to do it:  

3. Upload the file

Once the file is made and saved in CSV format, you must click on the "Select File" button to be validated and uploaded to the platform. Done!

Note: Once the process is finished, you'll receive an email with the results of the process. Also, you can check the update status and results in the Admin Panel screen.

Validation error

If the platform detects an error when validating the file, you can download the form with the details of the fields that must be corrected in the first column ("Results"). Once the fields have been corrected, perform step 3 again!

If you have questions about this process, contact our team!

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