At Admin People, we have seen that each user has as a field to fill in the main data of his profile access role.

It is posible to choose between the following 3 access roles to platform:


The users with this access role are the platform administrators and will be able to do all configurations through Admin Panel. They can configure platform appearance with their colors and logo, register and manage permissions, manage home page and spaces and organize titles and groups.This role of platform administrator should be assigned only to those who lead the project.


Space managers can create spaces and manage them. They can activate or deactivate the social wall within the space, invite users in case of being a private space, and are the only ones allowed to publish if that space was configured so that only administrators can make publications.

This role should be assigned to the referents of each team that have been designated program ambassadors, so that they carry a fluid communication with all the equipment in the spaces.


Users who are assigned a basic access role can enter the platform but are not able to make any changes to it or create spaces. They can see company spaces, access a private space if they has been invited to and join a public space. To make publications in the social wall or to make any modifications in their profiles they must have the permissions granted by the Admin.

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