1. Enter Job Titles

Enter Admin Panel > People > Job Titles.

By default, some Hierarchical Levels are already loaded (Directors, Managers and Chiefs).

2. Add Hierarchical Levels

Add Hirarchical Levels allows you to add as many Levels as necessary, adapting to the company’s organization chart.
Each Levelmay have a maximum of 60 characters and after created, it's possible to edit or delete title using the icons on the right.

3. Add Job Titles

It's time to Add Job Titles inside Hierarchical Levels. To add this information to users's profile, you must create Job Titles.
E.g.:Hierarchical Levels: Managers. Job Title: Marketing Manager.

To Add Job Titles you have to click +Add Job Title buton and write title. To save press Enter.
Important: It is possible to create up to 25  hierarchical Levels with 50 job titles each. 

Everything loaded here will be reflected in the drop-down fields in  each users profile. These fields can be edited both by the administrators and the users themselves at See My Profile, depending on the  editing configuration. 

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