In the Admin Panel in your GOconnection module from Manage Spaces, you can set the order of the Spaces and assign or edit the administrators in a space.

To know how to create a space or edit an existing one, review the article on how to Create a Space.

Assign administrators of a space

By entering the Manage Admins link you can add Administrators for each space, regardless of their access role.

Through the + button, the list with all active users will be displayed.

To revoke permissions of a space administrator, you must click on the icon on the right. You can only deactivate an administrator if the space has other administrators to replace it. 

For public and private spaces type, you have the option of eliminating the person from the space, so in addition to ceasing to be an administrator, you are outside of that space.

Sort spaces

By default, the spaces are in order of creation from the oldest to the most recent. You can sort them as you wish, and that will be the order in which they are displayed in the main menu of the platform and in the My Space and Recommended lists in both the web and mobile versions.

It is only possible to sort the active spaces, to do so, you must drag, move and release the space in the desired place.

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