Widgets allow you to highlight special dates and create quick access to spaces and contents on your platform as well as other sites.

To create a widget go to Admin Panel > GOsocial > Manage Home
There, you will find the button to Add Widgets:

A new window will open with the type of module you can install.

  • Image Widget

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • New Hires

#Note: New platforms have already created and activated the Birthday, Anniversary and New Hires widget. This widgets can be created only once.

Birthday, Anniversary and New Hires Widgets

These widgets show up to 4 celebrations on the homepage. To see more, you can go to See All. There you can see future birthdays, Anniversaries and News Hires for the past months.

You can send greetings, say congrats or welcome.

 In addition, on the day of his birthday or anniversary in the company, if the module is active, users receive a greeting e-mail. To activate or deactivate this email, you must go to the list of modules and enter the email icon that appears in the Birthday and Anniversary modules.

A new window will be open to activate or deactivate the sending of greetings with a preview of the mail.

To receive the greetings emails, users must have the birth and admission dates in their profiles.

Greetings are agreed to be sent every day, at 10:00 am, taking the time zone of the user's account configuration. The mail format is predetermined and cannot be edited.

Image Widget

You can create up to 10 image widgets, that allows you to create direct and visual accesses to highlight the information you want from your platform.

The obligatory fields are:

  • Widget Title: maximum 40 characters

  • Image: minimum of 536 x 360px (width x height). Remember that you find images in our gallery of graphic resources.

  • Formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, or TIFF

Optional fields are:

  • URL: completing this field, the widget becomes clickable and opens a new tab to the loaded address.

  • The "Show Title" checkbox allows you to choose whether or not display the name assigned to the widget.

You have already created your modules! If you need to know how to edit and manage your modules already created, go to Edit your widgets.

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