As an Admin User, you have access to Administration Panel from the platform's header. If you're not registered yet, follow this steps. 

Admin Panel is the section where you can customize, configure and andministrate your platform.  See all you can do from here, below:

1. Platform

Set default information, look & feel and registration options. Enter to Platform card to:

2. People

Manage all the related information of the collaborators, managing the user base from People card:

  • In Admin People you have the list of collaborators that are loaded in the database. There you can add new users, deactivate people and / or edit their information.

  • The Job Titles link allows you to set the Work Positions of the users based on the organization chart of your company.

  • Create User Groups to segment communications

  • Configure User Profile Edit Permissions so they can edit their personal information.

3. Stats

Check the performance of your platform from the Stats section. There you can see the metrics of People and also the activity of the Apps you have installed (GOconnection, GObenefits and GOrecognition).

4. GOconnection

In this section you can:

5. GOrecognition

From this section you can create or make modifications to the Social Recognition program as well as activate or deactivate the team recognition.

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