Clicking in Admin Panel > Stats > People you’ll access to users metrics.

Next, we'll explain what information you can obtain and how to read the data.

First thing you may do when you enter this Dashboard is select the range of dates, which should not be longer than one year.


Graphic View

Active and registered users

In the first two graphs you can see the percentage and number of registered users and active users. Active users are those who logged on to the platform and have had activity in it.

Next, you will see a multilinear chart showing the trend total, registered and active users by day, week or month within the selected period.

With these datas you will have an overview of your programs progress, allowing you to set your next goals.


Users by day of the week

Another metric that you can consult is the number of active users during the week on both web and mobile.

This combined graphic shows unique active users as well as web and mobile users. In one of the axes the number of users is shown and in the other the days of the week. 

This will let you know which days you have the most active users and which channel is most used.

Knowing the dynamics of your users will allow you to adjust your communication plan and use the days with greater activity, for example, to boost  important company announcements.

Active web and mobile

Finally, you can see the metric of active users who have entered through web and mobile. An interaction is counted by user id and is the number of active users over those registered in the selected time period.


Report View 

By clickin “REPORT” button, you’ll see table view of the data shown in graphs. 

From the drop-down menu, you can choose the “USER” dimension or the “DATE” dimension to see the detail of the information according to the parameter you are interested in measuring

User Dimension

You will see the information of which users entered the platform in the range of dates chosen, the number of days they accessed, if they did so from the Web version or the Mobile App, what was the last entry and when they registered.

Dimension Date

You will see the number of total, registered and active users in the selected period, as well as the accesses from the Web version and the Mobile App. You can order this information by Day, Week or Month.

How Active Users are measured?

Both Web and Mobile Apps GOconnect y GObenefits record users activity using a CDI service based on Rudderstack and implemented by GOintegro, tracking actions as Logins, Pageviews and Interactions (Posts, Comments, Likes). All that information is collected and updated the following day, which means that activity in Stats is updated up to the previous day.

In order to track activity accurately, it is very important that all platform source domains are enabled. If workstations or mobile devices used by users have restricted access to Rudderstack Service, it is possible that activity tracked is not accurate. If that is the case, we recommend to validate this document with your IT Team.

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