In your Admin Panel Stats  you will find GOsocial where you can view the following metrics of your platform in the Social Activity tab.

You can view the information in a top 5 ranked from highest to lowest, in the period of last 30 days. To extend the list you must click on "See more data".

Most influential people

The first thing you will see is the list of the most influential people in your platform. The level of influence ranges from 1 to 10 and is calculated according the publications made by the user and the likes and comments received.

This information can be useful to choose which collaborators will be ambassadors of the program or can help you highlight important messages.

People with more activity

Here you can see users who have published the higher number of posts and comments in the last 30 days.

Posts with more interactions

Here you can check the posts with the most interactions. The list shows who made the publication and where. The indicators used to measure are the likes and comments.

By clicking on any of the publications in the list you can access the content.


Posts with push notifications

Finally, the list of people who have made publications with notification delivery will be displayed. The variables that you can see are the number of notifications sent and the number of views.

With this information you can measure the notifications effectiveness and the relevance of the published contents.

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