Entering Admin Panel, you will see the module of the products that you already have installed, and the links to make the configurations of each one.

Activate or deactivate products

In the module of each product, you can see if it's active or inactive.
If you want to inactive any products, just click on the three dots menu and click in "Deactivate".

When you deactivate a product you have, it will not be available between the shortcuts of the platform or through its corresponding mobile application.

If instead you want to activate a product that you have deactivated, you must go to the same menu and click Activate.

Acquire a new product

Once you've purchased an application, you must install it on your Platform only once. For this, you need to enter the installation Token that you received when you bought it. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Install

A dialog window will open.

Step 2: Enter the token

In the indicated field, you must paste the corresponding installation token and then click "Install".

Step 3: Validation

The system will validate the Token and, if it is successful, will confirm the installation.

Step 4: Activate the App

To do so, click on "Activate" and you will be redirected to Admin Apps, where you must mark the activation slider on the right.

#Important: Each application you install requires a different Token. If you have problems with a token, you will have to contact the GOintegro Support Center or write an email to hello@gointegro.com.

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