How to create a new user

You can only perform this process if the Administrator of your platform already registered your user.

If you received an invitation via email, you can also login and register.

Otherwise, you must enter your platform’s login page  and click on “First entry? Sign in here”.

Then, you’ll have to complete the field with your corporate email. In the case of not having a work  e-mail , you may continue with your personal e-mail.

It’s possible that this data is not enough, in that case you must enter your identification document and number.Finally, a work Identifier may also be requested.


All the data you have entered must match the one completed by your platform’s Administrator when registering your user.

After validating your data, you’ll receive an email to finalize the last step.

Once you've completed your registration, you will be able to log in with your data.

Congratulations! You already have access to your platform.



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