At the top of the feed you can find the New post field

When clicking on the field, a new window will automatically display so you can choose where to make your publication. You can do it in any space that best suits the content you want to share or in your own activity.

Once you have chosen the best space to post, write your text. All your posts can be visualized by anyone who goes to your activities.

In your post you can mention other users, using the @ sign before the person's name. When you start to typing, a list of users will be displayed to facilitate finding the person. It’s also possible to create a hashtag by pretending the symbol # to the word.

You can also include links in your posts as well as in the responses and comments.

It's also possible to include links to other publications. To do it, you must go to the post you want to share and select "Get shareable link" clicking on the menu icon.

Once you copied the URL, you must paste it on your post. 

In addition, you can easily attach content to your post. The available options are:

  • Upload multiple photos and videos

In the camera icon, you can take a photo or video and upload it immediately. In addition, in the gallery button you can choose up to 10 images / videos you have in your computer library.

To keep the images adjusted to the feed they must maintain the ratio of 16:9 (eg 1920x1080 px).

You also can share videos up to 5 minutes.

  • Share a link.

  • Upload an attachment

To share an attached document, use the clip icon! 

Once you’ve added all the content you want to share, click Publish.

Ready! Your post will be shared immediately.

Some details you must know:

  • The platform administrator can restrict posting in the personal profiles, in this case you will not have permission to publish content in your profile.

  • You can also publish content in a space by entering the social wall or by selecting it in the publication.

  • Once your publication is created, you can delete it at any time clicking  the menu on the right 

  • The platform Administrator can delete any publication made by a basic user in his profile and in the social wall

Publication Privacy

The publications visualizations depends on the spaces privacy.

  • If you share it in a space, only members of that space can see it.

  • If, on the other hand, you share it in your profile, all members of your organization will be able to see it.

For more details about different types of spaces and their privacy levels, we recommend you read the article about Spaces.

Feature the post on the wall!

When making a publication, you have the possibility to highlight it so that it appears static at the beginning of the feed, entering the context menu of the post once it is published.
There you will see the button "Highlight publication".

A message will appear in the central part of the screen commenting on the validity of the highlighted publication. By default it will be highlighted for 7 days.

Note: You can highlight a post as many times as you like, and you can also stop highlighting it at any time.

Featured posts will be identified with an icon in the upper margin.

We want you to know too:

  • You can only highlight one publication at a time.

  • Only platform administrator users can highlight publications.

  • The publications to be highlighted must be from some public space or from the social feed; they cannot be from a private space.

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