Follow the steps below to create your Space: 

1. Go to + Create Space

At the Home Page, at the end of the created spaces list you find the Create a space button. You can also click on All Spaces and find the button there. 

2. Complete general information

A window will open to complete space configurations.

  • Space Name: Try to enter a short name to make it easier to read. This is a required field and can be edited later.

  • Description: This field allows you to add Space details. It’s also a required field and can be edited later.

3. Define the recipients

You can choose whos users will be space members. It’ss very important to remember that the type of space cannot be modified later, so we recommend you read the following description carefully.

Space Type: 

  • Company: All users will automatically be members of the space.

  • Public: sers must join to participate. The content is visible to everyone.

  • Private: Only users can access through invitations. Only space administrators can invite users.

Some examples:
If we want to create a new space that users may access and participate, the appropriate type is Company.

If we seek to create a hobby space, for example, only for users interested in a certain topic, optional and non restricted content, then the appropriate type is Public.

If, on the other hand, we need for example an R & D space, exclusively for members of the Research and Development team, whose content is classified, then the appropriate type is Private.

4. Define Social Activity and set permissions

From Social Activity slider you can decide if your space will count with a social feed to create posts. In case you keep this option ON, you can choose who'll be able to create posts and leave comments. 

  • All: All members of the space can create publications.

  • Administrators Only: Only the administering members of the space will be able to create publications. The other members can only "like" the publications.

5. Activate your Space 

Ready? Activate your space! . Once you have completed all the information, click on the "Create" button.

After creating your space, you can customize the header and choose its icon and color, discover how to customize your space here.

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