Welcome to the GOintegro platform! Ready to start?. Get into Admin Panel and follow these simple steps to configure your platform:

Step 1: Configure the look and feel of your business

Time to start! The first thing is to make sure your platform looks amazing.

To do it, add your logo, your branding color and include a background image for the login page that represents the culture of the company.

Visit Configure Appearance and we'll tell you in detail how to do it.

Step 2: Create spaces

Now that your platform looks good, you have to fill it with information. Spaces are places where you can group content (social activity, articles, multimedia galleries, etc.) and establish who will have access to it.

Facilitate communication between peers in your company! Find out how to do it in Create a Space.

Step 3: Create widgets at the home page

Add image wodgets at your home page to highlight special dates, content or create quick access to the spaces.

Find how to do it at manage home widgets.

Step 4: Organize titles and groups

There is little left ... we recommend that before registering users, to organize titles and groups, as the information you upload will be reflected in the user profiles.

To configure the charges of your company, you must complete all the company Job Titles and to distribute the content more efficiently, you must Set Groups.

Step 5: Add users and invite them to connect

We reach the last step, the moment that users register into the platform.

You have several ways to do it, we recommend you read carefully how to Manage Users.

#GOtip: When adding people to the platform, you can choose to allow or not to edit their profiles. Read Configure Permissions to learn more.

Ready! Now all that remains is to invite the users you have registered to connect to the platform and start interacting.

We hope this guide has been useful. If you have questions, do not forget that you have our Support Team and you can create a ticket from the Help Center.

And download the GOconnect APP for Android and iOS to live the mobile experience.

Remember to visit our technical considerations article to get the right configuration of your platform. 

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