As administrator, you can define the security level of the password with which users enter the platform.

In the platform module of your Admin Panel, you will find a login link with a GOintegro option. This option is to configure users entry to the platform with a password.

When entering the advanced password options you will see the following options:

Strong Password

The password entered by the user when registering must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character, which may be! @ # $% *.

Password expiration

With this option, the password entered by the user expires after 120 days and must be different from the last 3 passwords entered.

Here you can find the Configuration link through which you can modify the number of days in which the password will expire and the number of last passwords that can not be repeated.

When saving the configuration, the option description is modified, according to the values you have chosen.

Temporary account lock

If the user makes 5 unsuccessful attempts to login to the platform within 5 minutes, their login is blocked. As a result, you will not be able to enter the platform within 30 minutes.

When selecting one or more of the advanced password configuration options you must click the checkboxes and the Save button will be enabled.

If you select the Strong Password and / or Password Expiration options, the user session that is connected at the time of the configuration process will close so that changes may be applied.

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