To configure with what data users that you are going to register in the platform will be registered, you must enter in your Admin Panel, within the Platform module in the Registration Options link.

#Important: You must first include users so they can register. You can include users manually or import massively

For added users you can choose to enable the following fields so that they can later validate when registering: identity document and / or identifier.
You can choose one or both of those data with which they have been registered.

The email field is always marked because it is a data that will always be requested to the users at the time of registration.

In addition, it is possible to configure an alias for the Identifier. In the Configure link it is possible to name this data as you wish (File number, access, folder, etc) and also add a small description to help users who are going to register.

It is also possible to configure the not added users option. For this you must complete the corporate email domain.
Thus, people with email with that domain will create their users in the registration process without having to register previously by the administrator of the platform.

You can add more domains in the Add Domain link.
If you have loaded domains, you can delete them, but that does not eliminate the users of that domain that have already registered.

Once you have chosen the data with which you want users to register, you must save the information.

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