To update the data of users are already registered in the platform you must enter Admin Panel > People >  Admin People

Manual People Update

To do it manually, recommended for occasions when you have few updates to perform, follow these steps.

Step 1: Search the user

Use the search engine to find the user. You can search by name, documento and / or email.

Step 2: Enter to edit

About the user to update, enter the menu on the right and choose the option "Edit".

Step 3: Make the changes

Add or modify all the data of the users and click on Save so that your changes are made. 

You can also Deactivate or Block by accessing that same menu.

In this menu you also find the option to Activate those users that have been deactivated.

The Block Access option blocks a user's access to the platform but allows you to continue to see it in the list of people.

You can also send invitations by e-mail to users who are not registered in the platform.

Massive Update of People

When you have several users to update, you can do it in a massive way by following these steps.

Step 1: Download the listing
From the Import with CSV button, click choose the option to update and download the list of people from the platform.

#Help: If this is the first time you work on a file with CSV format, we recommend you to visit How to work with files in CSV.

Step 2: Update the data
Separate the data in columns and perform the data update. It is important to respect the format and the names of the columns.

Step 3: Save the file and upload it to the platform

Save the modified file in CSV format on your computer and then continue the process by uploading the file to the platform.Once the data is updated, all platform administrators will receive an e-mail with the update data.

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