You have different options for user registration: 

See the different ways to add user's information below: 

Register a few users

If you have just a few users, we recomend you to manually add each user. This allows you to quickly add people directly from Admin Panel. Learn how:

Upload a group of users

If you must add a group of users, it is best to do it in bulk, through a CSV file that you upload to the Admin Panel. This allows you to load once and in a few steps.

What data are mandatory to register users?

Regardless of which process you choose (Manual or Massive), the mandatory data are the same: Name, Last name and at least one of the following validation data:

  • Email

  • Identification document

  • Identifier (which can be an employee number, file number, etc.)

#GOtip: In case you choose the email option as validation data, we recommend registering a corporate e-mail.

Note: Users will always be ask for an email.

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