The users with Space Administrators role, will be able to personalize the cover of their spaces with images and to choose icon and color of the same ones.

To customize the cover image follow these simple steps.

1. Enter the space

You must enter the space you want to customize and click on the pencil icon located to the right of the header.

2. Select the image

A new window will open, so you can select an image from your computer.

#Important: The minimum size of the image should be 792x260px. If you want to add a larger image, it is essential to ensure that it is proportional, for example 1548x520px and so on.
In addition, it is only possible to upload images in JPG format.

Once you have selected the image, it will be reflected in the header of your space.

Remember that on the image, the name and type of space will appear, so it is advisable not to select images that contain a lot of text so that this information is displayed correctly.

3. Select the icon and the color

Also, you can modify the image and color of the space icon by clicking on it.

A new window will open in which you can select the icon that identifies the space, the color of the background of the same and finally you can see a preview.

Remember to click on Save after making all the modifications.

Very well! Your space can now be seen personalized.

Now you can start creating content, creating photo galleries and videos and articles for your space and add visitors!

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