GOvoice's pulse survey consists of a predefined and recurring question intended to measure the organization's work environment, available to all platforms with GOconnect active (Employee Communication).

It is anonymous (although the results may be filtered by some user attributes) and the Administrator of the platform can define its frequency: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Once activated, it will be published in the GOconnect web Home, above the first post, so that all active users can reply to it.

Activate the Pulse Survey and define its frequency

Activate Survey

To activate it, you must access the Admin Panel of the platform and go to GOvoice > Pulse Survey.

The "Activate Survey" switch allows you to enable or disable the survey on the GOconnect web home page. By default, the survey is inactive.

Being the same question, the results will be displayed together regardless of how many times it was turned on or off.

The survey consists of the following question:

How are you feeling at work today?

All users can respond, regardless of role and posting permissions. Each user can:

  • Respond based on one of the 5 available options

  • Choose not to answer and hide the survey until the next cycle


Frequency defines the minimum time between answers from the same user (cycle). That is, it is measured from the last response of each user. The options are:

  • Every week: 7 calendar days from the last reply

  • Every two weeks: 15 calendar days since the last reply

  • Every month: 30 calendar days since the last reply

If in the course of an active survey, the administrator modifies the frequency of the survey, the change will not restart the time count, but it will continue to be measured with respect to the last response of each user.


All user answers are anonymous although the results can be explored by date, groups, hierarchy level and country at the time they were created, as long as each group has at least 3 responses.

The 5 options available to answer can be interpreted quantitatively or qualitatively on the following scale:

  • 1 - Horrible

  • 2- Bad

  • 3- Normal

  • 4- Good

  • 5- Incredible

The option to "Reply at another time" is also registered.

In the event that for some reason a user answers twice in the same cycle, only the first answer will be considered.

If the filtered time period covers more than one valid response from the same user, only the last one will be considered.

Access to the results of the surveys is not yet available in the Admin Panel and will be duly communicated to the Administrators of the platform.

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