This integration, implemented through the consumption of a REST API from GOintegro platform, allows to perform the same actions as the Admin Panel, that is, create, modify and deactivate users and send invitations.

The API can greatly facilitate the process of managing and updating users on the platform.

To do this, you just have to develop the connection between the API and your personnel management system or similar. Thus, when there is a change in your system, an update to the GOintegro API will be triggered.

How to implement this API?

User API documentation is available at To implement it, simply contact our Support Team, who will be responsible for creating the necessary credentials within approximately 10 calendar days.

💡 Tip: Your IT team will love to know that the API integration is compatible with platforms that allow SAML2 SSO.

Okay, but what is it? It is a central authentication instance that offers a high degree of efficiency and a high security standard 😉

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