A Fund is the digital account within the platform that allows you to monitor all transactions in real time. Currently, each platform can only have one Fund.

Activate and deactivate Funds

Funds function is managed from the Admin Panel. To activate it for the first time, request a GOintegro representative by sending an email to hello@gointegro.com or to your Customer Success Manager.

Once available, a new option will appear in your main menu, where you will have access to Funds and will be able to manage the entire Funds ecosystem by activating and deactivating at any time through the contextual menu (3 points).

Funds functionality cannot be removed, therefore if you no longer wish to use it in your recognition programs, you must disable it to avoid any further movement.

Manage Funds

On the Manage Funds screen, you will see a summary status of the available Fund.

There is the following information about the Fund:

  • Name of the Fund, for example: "General"

  • Description of the Fund

  • Latest Transaction that shows the date of the last transaction made.

  • State:

    • Active indicates that all movements within the Fund are allowed

    • Paused indicates that operations are enabled, but no redeems can be made

    • Inactive indicates that no movement can be done

  • Balance shows current in real currency

Details of a Fund

By clicking on the Fund you can see the following information:

  • Overview is a summary of the Fund’s financial situation, on the left the balance in real currency and on the right the distribution of points in fantasy currency within the budgets and in the user wallets.

  • Latest transactions shows in detail all the movements that modified the Fund Balance (Redemption, deposits, credit limit, etc.).

  • Budgets shows a summary of each budget created, indicating the date of the latest transaction and the current balance. In this screen it is also possible to add points to budgets.

Next Steps:

Set Up the fantasy currency
Create and manage budgets
Virtual Wallet
Add points to recognition programs

In case of doubts, contact our support through the chat on this page or by email hello@gointegro.com

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